Do you know those moments when all history with others and relationships appears to be concentrated in a single instant? When time and space fall away and you’re floating in suspense and yet not in suspense at all about what was or what is to come.. there are no words for this feeling, this experience of weightlessness one may find him or herself after pouring out the thoughts, words, images of the mind and heart in pursuit of the whole self, the soul.. what confession brings is not so much closure but transformation and new life.. when all perceptions, intuitions, and propositions give way to the naked reality.. there are no words to describe this state.. some call it ‘heaven’.. others ‘nirvana’ or ‘enlightenment’ but it is pure gift and in cooperation with the efforts of free will but not directly resulting from it, for it involves Will itself.. Who is the Living Flame of Love that refines the soul in each given moment by allowing consolations and desolations to burn away the illusion of self realization.. only in perfect humility is this soul finally free, truly free, to become as it ought, as it was meant to be.. ultimately and formally not simply contingently or existentially.. much fire, but how beautiful the flame and the warmth of the heat it produces in the cold Dark Night of the senses.. here in this place, the soul can begin to rest in the arms of Grace and continue its journey through the Dark Night.. how Dark it seems to the soul with many finite attachments, and Dark, too to the soul of abandonment, but the Darkness to each causes opposite states, in the former, paralyzing fear, and in the latter indescribable joy.. joy in knowledge of not comprehending all knowledge.. joy beyond knowledge.. joy as it subsists as Joy itself and conquers all fear, for there is no fear in Love, no fear when Joy has enacted the heart of Faith in the Soul.
Then all things, all souls, all situations work for the Good, the benefit and well being of the soul who has abandoned control over these things, other souls, and situations.. “they know not what they do…” as souls still convinced of their own abilities and capabilities to overcome the burden of The Fall…

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