‘Nostalgia’ Out Now!



This song is a collage consisting of two different locales and a meditation on the meaning of the space between. As the past recedes behind the speaker, he or she longs for a future that seems drenched in what can only be described through the known figments of memory. The song uses two different Wurlitzer pianos, one in Georgia and another in Delaware, and sparse yet strategically placed samples to invoke an atmosphere of change rooted in gradual departures from and returns to the familiar.


and fall
of empires so alike
and time
so constant
as the tide

and strings
not trying to forget
and pace
so constant
as the race

so crawl out from underneath your skin,
you’ve been a’hiding in…

lift off that blind so you can see,
you’re standing in the moment

is this a mirage?

or is it my heart?

hiding in corners of picture frames
keeping me awake…

and I didn’t even notice,
that my camera’s out of focus,
and the likeness of a sight,
’til it was gone…

is it too late?


s l o w l y


these lanes
here in my


say what you wanna say,
remember everything

is memory everything?

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