A Treatise on the Methods of Democratic Discourse in the Modern Age of Instantaneous Echolocation and Chambers of Reverberation

i made a sound in the woods and it gave me such pleasure to invoke a freight train calling out to turnips skips the next song on the record I am branching out now. stop. cadence into a furry Lions Murray talk like the next Champions of World Champions might if they were so inclined to comment on the current state of affairs and introspective catalyzed prairie dog myths. Don’t mind it. Find it! Mine it! Take all the dogs to the pond and drown the surreptitious scoundrel who found out how to make cents from a twig. then that might be a just punishment for the hollow sorrow morrow make forks and tin cans.. forts now since banned.. larks park their sole proprietorships on a dead man’s soil and hope to gain a profit from the ghost’s recoil say to a murmur that the friends all made way for a torn map staid while “all the world’s a stage” and we’re merely players abstract from the rat a tat tat attack bean sap carrying lean twisted intuitive sentence photo copies surmount the in town deli with an arcade fire lens tower frenzy over fortune there are only seventeen portraits four of whom are counterfeit individuals who stated that they would no longer venture to be noted for their contributions to humanity. sanity.

ways for a man to keep walking the line, the kite Renaissance of new world era gentrified style blocks famed ferris wheel clocks and streets lined with the trolleys on their way out the door into a sizable envelope but just constricted enough to where all numbers add up to zero – it’s a zero-sum game, take a matchbox and light it on water see what the expectation sets up in the mind while a non sequitur makes its way into the design did they account for all of the variables in the conditions of the framework as it made its way into the wall section detailed membrane followed by serotonin that rises and falls collects and releases into the passageways while space is allocated for the possibility that the mind could be most positively wrong and faulty in its judgement as it sends a signal to the other squadron attempting to secure the garrison.

Intonation serif font low in zeitgeist mode next send to the editor which she might fold in rolled eyes and throw in the wrought iron balcony ferry

footnote in a Gropius grid dole out the further twins that make sin seem so inconsequential how is that so?

how is it a wren’s concern not to be so involved in the life of a pine forest that commits to arson although no crime has been committed

it’s only been acquitted there are so many folks wandering among the large electronic signs with no substance lying behind although their eyes portray desire and fell as the members fight and stand in the middle of groups torn by fright so long as their mothers watch and abide in time to the ways of the nature rise

So where are you? Where do you find yourself imitating the crow of the moon Evelyn stated you are so much so to be under the wall for got next run the fet dien ldnsa’;lkdnv9eeiienf93n309vinvne9

Nonsense. this is all nonsense and if you’ve gotten this far then you’ve wasted your time. This is absolutely of no value and should would could no is of no salad towel for the making of a maid queen she stands with swift time on her wrist checking to see if the sordid kettle made a noise and cars sent back by raid and symbolic consciousness are fraught into millions of cashews now sitting by the window and song sighting quick igniting the writer’s flame saying what’s the name and going back again with a dissonant comparison get south to the heart of the problem and where racist tendencies roam though it’s an illusion that they only exist here they exist everywhere i am born into a system yet I’m called to live for a life of Redemption and to this end or rather process-end I bind my life to a cross most heavily weighted but founded with the fated Graces that lift its structures skyward across the field and into the glorious golden light

next death flashlight disintegrate and recompose all along into a willow pond and what’s next where are the new from brought out in old fortunate rather blessed in time quacks act as if they know how to spare a tremolo gold fixture see to it that all of the voices blend together that once were perceptively or dispassionately distinct in the eyes of the ones who have some level of knowledge fight no commentary but resist the urge to judge fowler’s snare all understanding leads can it lead no tons of empty basins ready to be filled arrive on the doorstep walk out of the grocery aisle and forgot to grab the turkey

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