From the Press: McKenzie Jasper Reviews

“…an emerging Georgia artist with mythopoetic lyricism and a tone that stretches from melancholic to an energetic warmth … McKenzie shares the catacombs of his heart and mind with thoughtful listeners as they ponder his impressions of both sacred and secular subject matter and his striving to find a mosaic of unity among seemingly disparate fragments… truly a remarkable experience… “ -Ron Waters, Tenuous At Best Media

‘Invenire Te’ has “Quite the feeling of Nick Drake lashing out the acoustics under a cloud free blue sky and the vocals have that classic folk tone that you’d expect to uncover on dusty vinyl collections.” –Mp3 hugger, blog

Young (2018) is “a beautifully produced album of spiritual investigation and quiet triumph. The accompaniments are ghostly, yet resolute and confident.” –Cooper Casale, writer, fan

“..McKenzie is not afraid to go out on a limb… He draws you out of yourself, into the world as he sees it, and then allows the beauty of that place to slowly emerge.. simultaneously earthy and particular to the humble realities of man’s existence at moments and also strikingly esoteric, otherworldly even … almost eternal it its outlook … has the staying power of a classic in the American songwriter tradition... and yet, it’s the use of silence and pause in his narratives that haunt the listener most acutely… ” -Shelley Rose, Franklin Gazette

Similar to “Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver and The Antlers to name a few.
“‘Make Us A Shelter’  has the
acoustic explosiveness of a Dodos classic”
“‘Nostalgia’ breaks its own psychedelic ground.” –Jack McConnell, fan

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